Oh, can it be, the voices calling me, they get lost and out of time…

The Shadow Project – Voices

album: Voices EP (2005)

And finally…

…unknown voice:

Ever hear, ever hear voices?
Do you ever see in the newspaper the word ‘stop’ and stop exactly what you’re doing?
Ever think, ever think it’s just too much, you know?
Ever lose your memory?
‘Lose your memory?!’
Ever realise you’re obsessing about being obsessed?
‘Obsessing about being obsessed? Obsessed!’
Ever realise you’re just talking about one thing yeah, and really you’re just thinking about something completely, completely different?
It’s going round in circles. It’s a ping-pong effect, you know bouncing off one thing to the other.
You ever just thought ‘fuck it?’ Yeah, just ‘fuck it’.
Can you remember if you have? Bloody hell.
You ever realised that you’ve said it?
Well you know you’ve already just said it.
It’s gone.
It’s been said.
But then, you have to stop for a second and let them answer.
You’re really not sure if you mean it.
You’re not sure if they mean it either.
It all comes together in this little ball.
And as I said, it’s that ping pong effect, it’s bouncing back and forth.
And you don’t know when you’re going to stop.
You don’t know when you’re going to fly off the fucking table.