Oh, can it be, the voices calling me, they get lost and out of time…

The Books – Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again

album: Thought For Food (2002)




  1. voices sampled:

    “[Cheers]. Eagle.”


    “Gentlemen, good luck.”

    “65 Thursday.”

    Because I just, he kept calling me at night, all hours of the night, calling my husband, my brother, calling me every day; he’s after me, and I — I was devastated I was without a job, without a salary, I was trying to get unemployment and I was told it first kicks in after a few weeks, and I was busy looking for another job, and I also have a heart condition, and I told him I have a heart condition, I said, “Here take a few dollars, I’m sorry this happened to you, just — but just leave me alone, I’m not the person who, deposited the check.”

    “I love you. I LOVE you.”

    “Rainbow. All the music is the rainbow.”


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