Oh, can it be, the voices calling me, they get lost and out of time…

Mt. – Lecture On Nothing

album: Teach Your Children How To Think Not What To Think (2009)




  1. voice of:

    Brian Green – extract from the lecture The Elegant Universe

    …here’s the point. If we scan through this huge maze of universes, the vast majority will not have conditions hospitable to life, or at least to anything remotely akin to life as we know it. For drastic changes in familiar physics, this is clear: If our universe truly looked like the Garden-hose universe, life as we know it would not exist. But even rather conservative changes to physics would interfere with the formation of stars, for example, disrupting their ability to act as cosmic furnaces that synthesize complex life-supporting atoms such as carbon and oxygen that, normally, are spewed throughout the universe by supernova explosions. In light of the sensitive dependence of life on the details of physics, if we now ask, for instance, why the forces and particles of nature have the particular properties we observe, a possible answer emerges: Across the entire gama of possibilities, these features vary widely; their properties can be different and are different in other universes. What’s special about the particular combination of particle and force properties we observe is that, clearly, they allow life to form. And life, intelligent life in particular, is a prerequisite even to ask the question of why our universe has the properties it does.

    In plain language, things are the way they are in our universe because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be here to notice…


    If we weren’t here there’d be no one to see
    the lack of politics and factories
    the garden states the myopic view
    hold suspicion that it just might be true
    your sense of awe your sense of wonder
    remains intact in the face of it all
    perhaps in time someone will listen
    to this waste of breath this lecture on nothing


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